Staying Safe

If you’re struggling and you’re not sure if you want to live or die, can you, just for now hold off making this decision and keep reading and watching the videos for some ideas about how to get through.

There may be things that you - and other people - can do to make things better.

You may have found yourself wishing that you were dead, or perhaps thinking that the people who you care about would be better off without you but with support you can choose to live.

Even situations that seem almost impossible to face can feel different if you remind yourself that feelings don’t last forever and you have an idea of what you can do to get through this painful time. Please share our hope that you can find a way forward.

Information about how to make a Safety Plan can be found on this website for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts or supporting someone else. It’s designed to offer hope, compassion and practical ideas on how to find your own way forward.

Please keep reading and keep watching the films where you’ll find everything you need to know about making a Safety Plan and how it will help you. You will find details of what you can do for yourself and who you can contact for support when you need it.

Please keep reading and watching the films and we really hope you find them helpful.


What is a Safety Plan, and why do I need one?

Explains what is a safety plan, and how it can help you

Download or Make a Safety Plan

, to complete offline, or Make a Safety Plan online


Detailed Information about Making a Safety Plan

Watch videos about making a Safety Plan


Watch Jonny Benjamin make a Safety Plan

Watch a video of Jonny Benjamin making a Safety Plan

Examples of how Safety Plans have helped

Videos showing examples of how Safety Plans have helped people

For Young People

Links to organisations that can give advice and help for Young People

Advice for supporting someone else

Advice and links for supporting someone else